Gurbani Searcher | Upcoming Gurbani Searcher 9.9.0, Stay Tuned!
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  1. Short cut to search within an already searched Shabad. It very common that when user has opened a shabad and suddenly he quickly wants to search a new related shabad. In 9.9.0 a new workflow is added to help users to quickly engage a new search and open the desired shabad.
  2. History stack has been brought on the searched shabad screen to help users to go back to the previously browsed(searched) shabads. The previous state of browsing will be maintained, i.e. to say, if user was on a particular line, while he left for another shabad and he chooses to come back to the same shabad, the system will do a scroll animation to show the last opened position at the top of the page. User can go back and forward in the history stack.
  3. An animating screen is added to help Sangat to do simmran which can typically be used for projecting in Gurudwaras. Clicking on screen increases the frequency of “Whaeguru” appearing on the screen. This screen is available in “Presentation mode” or when only AutoScrollView is enabled for search.
  4. Fixed numerous typos in Sri Dasam Granth, Thanks to S. Sukhpreet Singh from Bhaani Consulting to volunteer and do it on priority. This is an on-going project and Sukpreet Singh Ji is currently working of this while I am writing on this blog page.
  5. Fixed a few corrections in Sri Guru Granth Sahib, Thanks to Angrej Chandi and other gursikhs to help me with corrections.
  6. Fixed the problem with “Shabad Kosh” not visible on portrait view on some devices with low screen resolution.
  7.  Fixed a crash when trying to install the application on a device with multiple user profiles.
  8. Added a public intent to launch the search from other application. Plan is to publish the intent to help other developers to leverage rich search capability of gurbani searcher to open up other uses cases for them. This capability will be leveraged in one of my other new application called “G-Wall” which will provide a new wallpaper with a Quote from Gurbani ( Daily Hukumnama from Sri Darbar Sahib). Uses can launch Gurbani Searcher from G-Wall by using pinch zoom gesture. I plan to make this application as freemium.
  9. Fixed a nagging crash sometime ( due to a race condition in the code ) during shabad search. The crash was visible especially when Punjabi translations were enabled/disabled in quick succession.
  10. Fixed a crash in Gurbani Youtube when network connectivity is poor.
  11. Fixed a crash while sharing Pothi Bani when share format is HTML.
  12. Did Some cosmetic changes in the Splash Screen.
  13. Updated the help to refer to www.gurbanisearcher.com for more rich and detailed short help videos.
SurinderPal Singh
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